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The New Untouchables

We are brand designers, brand managers and creative directors for the newuntouchables.com. For the past 10 years, we  have hosted developed and managed their entire design, website and marketing. We have developed concepts for entirely new ventures and product lines, such as the massively successful annual event Le Beat Bespoké, which we also originally designed the financial management and ‘model’ for and even co-promoted, which has seen a unity amongst traditionally diverse music market segments, coming together to enjoy a niché specialist event, that is unique in the entire world! We also service all of the design and promotional needs for long running legendary club nights such as The Mouseterap, Zoo-Zoo, Volcano, Timebox and huge events like Crossfire, which is the largest event of its kind in London, if not the world! We have also provided full visual eye-candy multi-media light shows (involving oil lamps, slide origination, visual mixing, computer graphics, overlays, scratch animation, loops etc), designed and devised a fashion documentary called ‘Ready Steady Sew’ which trailed the cream of the movers and shakers in the ‘Swinging London’ boutique golden era, as well as designed one of the first ‘modernist/sixties’ fashion cat-walk shows of recent times for the huge 3-day event known as Modstock in London.

These days we are very in the shadows and firmly behind the scenes, and work under yearly contract, happily with Dr Robert Bailey, head honcho and owner of the brand as the support agency!


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