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Pippip.net firmly believe in the notion of strong Branding for your business. Branding is not just about pretty pictures and big statements. Its is about understanding the core ‘heart’ of your business and being able to consistently communicate that essence time and again – in every instance, through any medium! It is also important that your audience and customers can ‘feel’ what you are passionate about and easily observe your unique selling points.

Branding can be affordable by using smaller (yet no less caring and competent) companies such as pippip.net for your project.

Re-branding is also important to keep your path to market open and vibrant. Put simply, branding works! Why? Because in a complex and crowded marketplace, you will need to be visible, relevant, reachable and readable! Here is a linky to more information about the history and art of branding, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, we see every project as unique with special distinct needs, we hope to get the chance to speak to you in more depth soon!