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The Art ‘n’ Soul of DC Fontana

Dc Fontana are a super ‘art & soul’ band from the kingdom of West Mercia in the middle region of the UK! They approached pippip.net to  completely re-brand their entire current model! We had great fun but spent many hours getting down to some hard work via several design stages before we arrived at a nice strong hand originated Logo/Brand supported by a bespoke image-bank, new typography, a simple yet powerful colour palette and some supporting graphics that all smoothly and organically merged into a new outlook and beginning for the band. in fact there were even changes in the line-up and a series of visits to the famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, England resulted in a superb set of recordings that were scheduled into a ‘single’ (traditional 7 inch vintage vinyl format) called ‘the contessa’ with ‘snake charmer’ on the reverse ‘double A side’! Pippip.net even helped with the release and digital distribution to some 700+ global outlets! We also helped develop all of the merchandise and 2 websites (one for the DCTone label also)  which we also hosted and web-mastered, as well as providing a mini-marketing campaign, launch ideas, event ideas and of course all of the advertising and design work ready for the launch of the debut album called ‘Six Against Eight’ on the DCTone label in August 2010 to a massively positive re-action from the industry insiders and those existing and legions of new fans! A superb short film (we get a credit as Art Directors) was filmed in ‘the village’ Portmeriom, Wales, in total respect to the late, great Patrick McGoohan, writer & Director of the legendary sixties cult TV series classic ‘The Prisioner!’ Shot on a shoestring budget, the movie is without doubt a triumph that supports the superb Album to the maximum! A very interesting and fulfilling project that has seen the band progress and hopefully become a household name – which they so rightfully deserve!